Sabtu, 10 Mei 2014

Last Holiday ^_^

     Assalamualaikum guys! Just for your info, I just got an assignment from my English teacher, mom Rosita{}
Okay, check this out!

     Last holiday, me and my family went to Balekambang beach. We had fun there. We layed on the sand, we built castle there and we enjoyed the sky's brightness and enjoyed the warmth of sun. Next, I swam in the beach and enjoyed the sea's freshness. Later, my dad invited me to surving together with him. When I was surving, I surprised because I saw the couple cute dolphins. I like them!!
      Then at lunch time we had break and we had roasted-chicken time at the beach. In the afternoon, I was diving with my dad and bro. I asked by brother to took my pic in the underwater. After that, I found my fav fish. That was nemo fish. I tried to catch them all, but I got fail. While that, I saw a shark. Oh, I shocked! My heart beated faster!!
     Then my mom asked me to go home. I disagreed, because I still wanted to have fun there. But when I was remember that the day moved to evening, and my assignment was not finish yet, my mind changed immediatelly. But before we left the beach, We bought some pretty cute souvenirs and some fruits. Then, we left the beach and went home.
     After I arrived at home, I did my assignments until that all finished. Later, my mom called me to have dinner. I ate the meal while watched TV. Then my bro joined me.
     Finally, that was time to sleep. That was 09.15 PM. I went to bed and enjoyed my dream. What the awesome day that moment!!